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Without inconsistent ticket sales, uncertainty in revenue being generated. Never worry about how you’re going to sell out tomorrow's shows.

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We have over 5 years marketing experience in the music industry.



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Not your average agency

90West Digital is your strategic ally in achieving marketing success with a passion for industry.

customized paid media solution.

We don't believe in one-size-fits-all approaches. Instead, we provide you with an exclusive and fully customized paid media solution that serves as the foundation for resilient, stable, and scalable results. This means your marketing strategy is tailored precisely to your unique needs and objectives.

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Proven Track record

Our portfolio speaks volumes. We've successfully partnered with other venues and festivals; helping them overcome unique challenges and achieve their marketing objectives. Our proven track record is a testament to our expertise, dedication and the ability to deliver results for you. Did we forget to mention we love doing what we do?

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We implemented our system for over 1,000 shows.

And The Results? A Packed House

Targeting The Right Audience To Increase Show Attendance Using Facebook/Instagram Ads

Located outside of San Francisco in a small community populated by more individuals of the older demographic. How can we build a consistent show attendance in a demographic different in comparison to higher populated areas with a younger demographic? 

After working with us:





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Generating Consistent Ticket Sales & Revenue Using Facebook/Instagram Ads

Sitting just south of Los Angeles,this venue  is competing against a large number of venues who all want to fill their seats to capacity. Our goal was to not directly compete with the direct Los Angeles market and target those specifically on the outskirts of the city.

After working with us:





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Establishing a One-of-a-Kind Music Festival Experience

As the newest festival in its area, this fresh festival needed a different approach than most established festivals would. They were seeking improvement in brand awareness as well as yearly attendance and revenue growth.

After working with us:




Of Tickets Sold


Revenue YoY

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Maximizing Ticket Sales & Revenue with a Simplified Yet Thoughtful Strategic Approach

Festival was seeking aggressive year over year growth, but did not know how to achieve that after last year’s results. With their understanding of Paid Ads still being fairly evergreen, we had to curate a media plan that they could understand and put their timidness aside as we wanted to double their previous year’s digital paid ads budget.

After working with us:




Of Tickets Sold


Revenue YoY

I want the same results!

team of professionals


Data-Oriented Media Buyers

Creative & Precise Copywriters

Music experts

Meet our seamless process.

Our process is completely transparent, allowing you to gain full insight into what we do.

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1. Onboarding & Automation

Our process begins with a seamless onboarding experience, gathering all the pertinent details of your business, the current setup and your requirements. We work with you to deeply understand your unique needs and goals, and then we employ automation to streamline repetitive tasks, ensuring efficiency and precision. This means you can focus on the big picture while we handle the details, setting the stage for a successful partnership.

2. Collaboration & Project Management

Effective collaboration is at the core of our approach. We work closely with your team, fostering transparent and open communication. Our robust project management tools keep everyone on the same page, ensuring that every aspect of your campaign aligns with your vision and objectives. We are an extension of your brand and integrate our team into yours, rather than an outside extension.

3. Campaign Activation

With all the pieces in place, we activate your campaign with precision. Our approach is built on prioritizing the highest and most impactful strategies tailored specifically to your audience and market. We harness the full potential of your customized strategy and targeting, ensuring your campaign unfolds with the utmost effectiveness, delivering the results you seek. You can trust that your message reaches the right audience at the right time.

4. Data Analysis

Data is the key to informed decision-making. We dive deep into the metrics and analytics, dissecting the performance of your campaign. Our data analysis helps us understand what's working and what needs improvement, giving you actionable insights to make informed choices for your marketing strategy

5. Ongoing Optimizations

Your campaign is not a static entity; it evolves over time. We continually optimize and fine-tune your strategy based on the data and insights we gather. This dynamic approach ensures that your marketing efforts stay aligned with your goals and remain effective in a constantly changing landscape. We're dedicated to maximizing your results throughout our partnership.

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FRequently asked questions

What can I expect on my Free Consultation call?

We value your time. Our call will focus on understanding your goals and assessing your current situation. We will provide valuable insights and recommendations based on a thorough audit. In our follow-up call, we'll review our findings and determine the best way to work together.

What Services Does 90West Digital Offer?

We offer paid media solutions that are determined by our initial audit and the best way to achieve your goals. This would include at least one of the following: Facebooks Ads, Google Ads, Bands in Town Promotions, Spotify Advertising and/or TikTok Ads.

What Is The Cost Of Your Services?

Our pricing is based on what best fits your current situation and how determined you are to Sell Out More Shows. Although our standard clients are charged based on a % of how much they spend on ads, some agreements are set on retainer model.

How Long Are Your Contracts?

We offer flexible rolling month-to-month agreements, removing the need for long-term contracts or traditional agency headaches. Our priority is ensuring your contentment and comfort with our arrangement. If you're satisfied with our results and service, you're likely to remain as our valued client. However, if you're not pleased or enjoying your experience, you have the freedom to discontinue without any obligation to extend your contract. We don't bother you with restrictive contract lengths or force you to stay with us when you wish to leave. Our goal is to establish lasting relationships, but your satisfaction comes first.